About Our Company

May Your Glass Be Filled Tours is a company that specializes in custom wine, brewery and distillery tours in the Central Willamette Valley. The company was founded by owner and operator Mark Patterson, a southerner that heeded his calling and moved west.

Mark began his professional driving career in 1999 for Steamboat Resorts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. For the past 20 years Mark has honed in the critical skills it takes to be a successful asset in the tourism industry.

During 2020, Mark moved to McMinnville Oregon and has been driving travelers around the Willamette Valley since April of 2022. He has since operated hundreds of tours, giving him an expert knowledge of the hilly and winding sub Appalachian mountain roads of the Willamette Valley.

There’s nothing that makes Mark happier than curating the perfect experience for his clients, always going the extra mile to ensure they experience the Willamette Valley in all its glory. In fact, the company name was inspired by an old Irish blessing called May Your Glass be Full. The message is all about friends and family coming together and celebrating smiles, love and laughter. This is exactly what May Your Glass Be Filled Tours is all about, putting a smile on your face and catering to your every need.

May Your Glass Be Filled Tours is as customizable as you wish it to be! You can take advantage of the concierge service, that makes all reservations for you, or you can make the reservations on your own and May Your Glass Be Filled Tours will provide you with reliable roundtrip transportation for the day. Either way, May Your Glass Be Filled Tours provides a door-to-door transportation service, with a relaxed attitude and easygoing atmosphere so you can sit back and enjoy your visit to the Willamette Valley to the fullest.


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